Approach / Docking 

Details about getting to us safely...

Approach / Docking

Details on how to get to us, slip locations and how to safely dock once you are in the bight....

GPS Coordinates:
24.56219 / -81.80243 or
24° 33' 43.9" / -81° 48' 8.7"

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Facilities / Rates

Details on the A & B marina facilites. Amenities, detailed pricing and everything we offer...

Approach / Docking

Details on how to get to us, slip locations and how to safely dock once you are in the bight....


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  • In-slip pump-out now available!
  • Located in the heart of Old Town Key West!
  • In-slip pump-out now available!
  • Best price on diesel fuel in Key West!
  • Walking distance to almost everything!
  • Fine dining, snacks and nightlife at you doorstep!
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Approach & Docking


Google image of A & B Marina

 To the left is a detailed image of A & B Marina as you enter Key West Bight.  Red day marker #4 is at the entrance to Key West Bight near the end of the rock Jetty.  Hail us when you reach the Bight and we'll give you your slip assignment.

We moniter VHF 16 and our working channel is VHF 10. 

If you are transient and only need Diesel fuel, please see the diagram below for the fuel slip location as it is NOT located on the T-Head.

At the right is the Sugar Loaf to Key West Nautical Chart #11446.  Click on the image for a larger view.

* Please note the larger image is 22mb.

Key West Nautical Chart

Slip Assignments 

To the left is a detailed diagram of all the slip assignments at A & B Marina.  With the exception of our T-Head, all docking is Stern-to.  Meaning you will have to back into your slip.

Please note the location and distance of the mooring poles in the image to the left to be assured you have long enough lines.  Your Spring lines should be at least 1/2 the distance of the overall depth of the slip.

Ex. If you are a smaller vessel and in slip 21 (60' deep), your Spring line should be no less than 30 feet.

At the right you will find a detailed diagram of how to properly tie up to the dock in a Stern-to configuration.

You will need 2 Bow lines, 2 Stern lines and at least 1 Spring line (Larger vessels may require 2 Spring lines).

Please note to use a slip-knot around the poles and keep the bitter end of the line toward your vessel.

Stern-to Diagram


At the left is an animated video of how to propperly tie up in a Stern-to configuration.

We typically do not have to cross the Stern lines since we have floating docks.  However, if it is your preference, you can do so.  Also, if you vessels rear cleats are significantly higher above the water, then crossing the lines may be necessary to maintain position. 

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